Heartfelt Memory Care in Minnetonka, MN

Memory Care With Heart

At Havenwood of Minnetonka, we believe those living with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia can – and should – lead a purposeful, meaningful life. It’s a belief our well-qualified team brings to life each day in our Memory Care Lifestyle. We know that, even with memory loss, there is still a capacity to grow … to discover new things and form new friendships. To experience happiness – and joy. Our exclusive memory care programming and approach to daily life ensures that happens for every resident, every day.


Caregiver smiling at and assisting an elderly woman in a memory care facility.
Elderly woman painting with watercolors in an art alongside other seniors.

A Comforting Solution

Our Memory Care Lifestyle offers a comforting solution when a loved one can no longer remain safely at home. It includes a secure homelike setting, life-enhancing services, and person-centered support. Residents have access to 24-hour care, staff trained in dementia care, research-based programming, and specialized therapies. At the same time, we offer support and true peace of mind to those who love them.

Heartfelt Connections – A Memory Care Program®

Heartfelt Connections is our exclusive memory program. The name says it all … The connection between the head and the heart helps those living with memory loss – and their families – continue to thrive. Heartfelt Connections builds connections among residents, families, and their caregivers. It’s an innovative, personalized approach where social interactions and familiar daily activities promote feelings of normalcy and calm for those living with dementia. It is recognized as one of the best memory care programs in the nation.

Senior man with white beard laughing with family, including a child on his shoulders, in a cozy setting.
Outline icon of two people embracing with a large heart shape in the background.

Strong Bonds. Personalized Care Plans.

Our memory care team receives special dementia training in Heartfelt Connections. Recognizing that the better you know a resident, the better the care, our team develops family-like bonds with residents. They take time to learn who each resident is, what their lives are like now, and what their lives were like before memory loss. This legacy of details enables a deep heartfelt connection and shapes a customized memory care plan around a resident’s needs, preferences and choices.

Elderly woman sitting on a couch, smiling, and petting a ginger cat on her lap in a cozy home.

Memory Care Residences

At Havenwood of Minnetonka we offer private suites spacious enough to meet your needs. Each one is equipped with safety features and is specially designed for those living with memory loss.

Caregiver in blue scrubs smiling and assisting senior man in a wheelchair in a garden setting.

Peace of Mind

Havenwood of Minnetonka has on-site assisted living and memory care which means if health needs change, you don’t have move to a new community.

More Than Memory Care. A Fulfilling Lifestyle.

With an emphasis on abilities that remain, not those that are lost, our staff dedicates each day to providing life-affirming activities. Our goals are to promote physical and emotional well-being, prolong daily functioning, and help residents maintain a sense of purpose, dignity, and quality of life.

We do this by focusing on:

Caregiver in blue scrubs assisting an elderly woman with a smile in a cozy home setting.

Personal Care:

The activities of daily living including dressing, bathing, and grooming are provided. Residents are assisted and celebrated in their efforts.

Elderly woman engaging in memory care activity at a senior center with colorful bead maze toy.


Residents are encouraged to remain productive by participating in memory care activities that fit current abilities, such as baking, gardening, or painting.

A group of seniors enjoying putting together a puzzle at a table in a cozy room.


Residents continue activities they’ve always loved, from puzzles to games, to walking or reading. And they do it in comfortable surroundings where they feel safe, relaxed, and happy.

Memory Care Residences

At Havenwood of Minnetonka we offer private and companion suites in four floor plans. Each one is equipped with safety features and is specially designed for those living with memory loss.

Memory Care at Havenwood of Minnetonka Includes:

Life Care Services® Heartfelt Connections Memory Care Program®
Physical environment designed to avoid excess stimulation
Personal items reflecting residents’ individual preferences encouraged
Landmarks and sensory cues support choice and independence
Personal care assistance, cueing and reminders
Medication management
Group and one-on-one activities founded upon familiar routines


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